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We are the second largest industrial holding worldwide that produces monetary coins. Not only do we press coins for more than 60 central banks, we also produce commemorative coins, ceremonial medals, tokens, blanks and semi-finished minting products.

Royal Dutch Mint
The Royal Dutch Mint produces the Dutch monetary coins since 1567 and has become the largest manufacturer of coins in Europe. By distinguishing ourselves with reliability, innovation, quality and creativity, we already have produced official payment coins for more than 60 national banks, from The Netherlands to Namibia, Malta and even Jamaica. Because coins often have a cultural or historical background, the leading minting manufacturer also produces popular commemorative coins, medals and tokens that are sought after by lots of collectors.
Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt

National Tokens
National Tokens started selling souvenir coins in 2002. Our collection provides lasting memories in the form of timeless souvenir coins and boasts more than 1000 different coins in 40 countries. Every coin gives a reflection of a rich and sometimes stirring history of a country, such as castles and cathedrals, monuments and landmarks, museums, caves, sanctuaries, nature reserves, zoos, recreational parks …
National Tokens

Mauquoy Token Company
Mauquoy Token Company is Europe’s largest manufacturer of metal tokens with exports to more than 50 countries worldwide. Our manufactured coins and tokens are embossed with custom designs for a wide range of applications, from collectible coins and trolley tokens to game coins for coin machines and token dispensers. Our 140 years of experience and craftsmanship, combined with targeted investments in high-quality machines and new technologies, are our guarantee of a quality product with an exquisite finish.
Mauquoy Token Company

Royal Blanking International
Royal Blanking International is an international manufacturer of coin blanks in any alloy, dimension, quantity and or quality at competitive prices. Royal Blanking International enjoys a reputation of being a dynamic partner and a creative innovator. Together with our state-of-the-art machinery, our valuable employees form an excellent team for manufacturing a wide variety of coin and medal blanks.
Royal Blanking