IT System Engineer


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To expand, plan, support and maintain the Microsoft Windows server and PC infrastructure and to implement new applications across this environment, in order to guarantee its accessibility, performance, security, scalability, uptime and stability. This is to ensure services to the employees of the company that contribute to the realisation of the organisation's objectives.

Major accountabilities:

  1. Availability and stability
    Evaluate and improve (when necessary) the current Microsoft Windows server and PC infrastructure to ensure the availability and stability of the PC’s, servers and applications running on them at any time defined within the organisation’s requirements.
  2. Technology
    Perform feasibility studies and assess different software and hardware solutions that meet the needs of the Microsoft Windows infrastructure to ensure that management can select the best possible solution.
    Perform cost-benefit analyses for the different possible software and hardware solutions to define possible recommendations.
  3. Severity-1 support
    Define, implement, and execute a well-defined procedure and planning for out of the working hours severity-1 support (=core application down for more than 1 user) with escalation possibility in order to ensure an efficient and effective service.
  4. Change Management:
    Use test and acceptance platforms and a traceable (approvals, test reports…) change management procedure over the different environments in order to ensure a stable production environment.
  5. Accessibility and data integrity
    Ensure maximal system uptime as defined through the business requirements by implementing redundant systems.
    Maximally reduce system maintenance downtime by optimally preparing the maintenance activity to be performed during predefined outage windows.
    Use of product standardization to minimize the maintenance, support and training needs.
    Ensure, test and monitor that all systems are sufficiently backed up meeting the organisation’s requirements.

  1. Scalability and efficiency
    Assess the Microsoft Windows server environments to ensure that upgrades, changes and expansions can be defined.
    Implement changes, upgrades and expansions to the software and hardware to ensure that we have the technologies and options that best fit with user requirements at all times to realise new projects or to improve existing systems.
  2. Documentation
    Draw up documentation with regard to the guidelines and the policy for specific architectures to ensure that we have a good foundation in place to simplify modifications to the Microsoft Windows based infrastructure.
  3. Training
    Inform, train and supervise infrastructure users to ensure that systems are used in the best possible manner and as efficiently as possible.
  4. Team working
    Support colleagues to ensure that together you form a well-functioning team which supports over the platforms and systems.
  5. Overall IT knowledge
  6. Experience and knowledge sharing
    Build and share knowledge and experience internally and externally in order to leverage expertise and performance level of the team and the broader organization.
    Examples of activities:

    • Ensure you are well-informed about the evolutions within the specific field and that your knowledge is up to date within the context of new developments to ensure your credibility can be strengthened by offering a service that is continuously based on updated knowledge.
    • Identify and circulate best practices among other colleagues;
    • Participate in fora and events
    • Sharing available tools


Reporting into [job title N+1]: ICT Manager infrstructure

Jobs reporting into the [job title]: None

Internal contacts: IT equipment users, IT team Connect+, PC users

External contacts: Hardware vendors, service providers, software vendors

General context information:

The system engineer function is created to ensure that the Microsoft Windows based systems are being designed and managed following the corporate strategy.

This strategy is

  • To search for solutions in a best-of-breed approach, not in home-grown applications.
  • Have a large scale consolidation with single versions to have a low cost of ownership
  • Use worldwide standards for both clients and servers to ease support
  • Use of scaleable infrastructure to facilitate possible growth
  • Use of redundant infrastructure to enable disaster recovery pro-actively or reactively
  • Have a corporate alignment to procedures and policies

Key Performance Indicators

  • Applications uptime
  • Infrastructure hardware uptime
  • Helpdesk & PC support performances (reaction time, resolution time)


  • Education level:
    The education level required for this role is bachelor or equivalent through experience. At least 3 years of relevant experience is needed.
  • Behavioural Competencies & Skills
    • Good communication skills
    • Good command of the Dutch language (both orally and written).
    • Can communicate well in English (both orally and written)
    • Service minded
    • Has analytical skills
    • Proactive attitude to guarantee high system uptimes and service levels

  • Technical Competencies & Skills
    • MS Office support skills
    • Practical network experience
    • Experienced in Active Directory and security design and administration
    • Is able to use and interpret monitoring tools to know the infrastructure status and act accordingly.
    • Experienced in MS Windows server & PC set-up, installation, configuration, maintenance and monitoring
    • Experienced in virtual server set-up, installation, configuration, maintenance and monitoring
    • At least 3 years of experience in Windows server & PC, printer & accessories support
    • VMWare
    • Extra know-how seen as a plus are:
      • Terminal services
      • Monitoring services
      • MS WSUS
      • Backup software administration
      • Smartphones
      • WLAN & LAN switching technologies
      • Scanners
      • Logistics environments

Over Heylen Group


Heylen Group is een Belgische industriële holding die wereldwijd investeert in ambitieuze ondernemingen en ondernemers. Met huidige activiteiten in België, Nederland, Luxemburg en Italië, heeft Heylen Group een jarenlange ervaring opgebouwd in een brede waaier van sectoren, zoals retail, munten, logistiek vastgoed, …


Heylen Group hanteert een proactieve ‘hold’ strategie en focust op duurzame investeringen op lange termijn door innovatie, internationalisatie en operationele uitmuntendheid. Door een doortastende buy-and-build strategie wil Heylen Group de krachten bundelen en ondernemingszin cultiveren om een sleutelpositie te verwerven op de internationale markten.


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