DRU International takes over Aste Coolers

Promotional coolers

Belgian company strengthens position through foreign take-over

DRU International, the worldwide specialist in promotional cooling displays, located in Grobbendonk (BE), and part of the Heylen Group, has taken over Aste Coolers from Forssa (Finland).

“We’ve been following Aste for a few years now, and we noticed that we really complement each other”, as Sven Danneels, CEO of DRU International, explains. “Both companies are key players in their segment, are strongly result-driven, and focus 100% on innovation to distinguish themselves from mass producers. Aste and DRU have both been very successful to fulfil quickly customised market needs. We focus on design, flexibility and the promotional character.”

“Aste’s shareholders are happy to get DRU as their mother company”, says Aste’s CEO Jussi Salonen in Finland. “We’re now part of a strong group, and this creates even greater opportunities and prospects for us. We have grown a lot over the last few years. With the combined knowledge, resources and experience of both companies, we will now be able to move into an even higher gear.”

“Our unique complementarity offers advantages to both companies”, says Sven Danneels. “It’s a perfect match as both companies will have much wider product portfolios. There is no overlap in our supply ranges. Even our client portfolios complement each other. This enables us to enhance our service to customers in both companies. And, finally, all take-overs come with a few other advantages. For instance, we’ll be able to get competitive advantages by sharing technology, common development and realizing other economies of scale.

The two companies will continue to exist side by side, each keeping their own production sites. Aste’s current management will remain fully in place and will continue to manage the company. Because of their fast growing businesses, both Aste and DRU will continue to recruit new staff to help shape their growth.