Groep Heylen to become Heylen Group for further internationalisation

Heylen Group

The logistics real estate division acquires its own identity under Heylen Warehouses

As an industrial holding investing in ambitious enterprises and entrepreneurs, both nationally and abroad, we will change our name to Heylen Group. With this name change, we prepare our organisation for a further expansion and strengthen our foothold in international markets. The Heylen Group subdivision specialised in logistics real estate projects will also acquire its own identity and go by the name of Heylen Warehouses.

Over the years, Heylen Group has evolved into a multidisciplinary holding, with branches covering various industries. Among our most prominent branches ranks the logistics real estate sector. “We invest in large warehouses and distribution centres for leading companies active in retail and industrial sectors,” Wim Heylen, Executive Chairman of Heylen Group, explains.

“In this industry, we have already developed a significant brand awareness. Until now, we always operated under the group name as a real estate investor. That is why outsiders often mainly associate ‘Groep Heylen’ with real estate but, though that is understandable, Heylen Group has much more to offer.” With this rebranding, the company aims to increase awareness of its broad range of activities and emphasise that Heylen Group is an industrial holding involved in multiple international operations.

Heylen Group: investor in companies and entrepreneurs

During the past years, Heylen Group has made significant investments in the Benelux countries. In 2016, we acquired the Royal Dutch Mint and as of this year, we started minting all Belgian euro coins. As our company keeps on growing, our holdings are crossing more and more international borders. We currently have operations in Italy and Finland, thanks to the acquisitions of Boretti and Aste Coolers.

“Abroad, we limit our investments to sectors in which we have already gained the required experience and knowhow. In our home market, the Benelux, we remain highly ambitious, yet our radius is expanding and becoming more international,” according to Heylen. “It is not easy to negotiate with Chinese or American businesspeople when using the name ‘Groep Heylen’. The internationalisation of our name to Heylen Group is the obvious next step in our growth process.”

Heylen Warehouses: investor in logistics real estate

Within Heylen Group, logistics real estate has grown into one of the most prominent branches. That is why we need to market this division as a fully autonomous company with its own vision and positioning. To make this tangible to the rest of world, the logistics real estate division will become a separate entity by the name of Heylen Warehouses.

“By doing this, we are plotting the strategic course for our international ambitions and enabling parent company Heylen Group to get a better foothold as an industrial holding that not only invests in real estate, but also in companies and entrepreneurs across multiple industries. Heylen Warehouses therefore splits off by adopting its own identity, even though it will of course remain part of Heylen Group,” confirms CEO Philippe Deschilder of Heylen Warehouses.