Heylen Group takes over toolmaker Tools&Dies



The knowledge and expertise of Tools&Dies provides an added value to Royal United Mint, the company cluster of Heylen Group operating in the minting industry

Company cluster Royal United Mint is adding the toolmaking company Tools&Dies in Brecht to its portfolio. The cluster is part of the Herentals industrial investment company Heylen Group and operates particularly in the minting industry. In 2016 the group took over the Koninklijk Nederlandse Munt (Royal Dutch Mint) in Utrecht. This acquisition is a vertical integration to safeguard knowledge and to increase efficiency.

Tools&Dies provides total solutions for the design and production of tools such as moulds for the metal processing and plastics industry. The Royal Dutch Mint and Mauquoy Token Company, both part of Royal United Mint, do their own toolmaking today. “However, there is no intention to shift this production process to Tools&Dies”, says Vincent Van Hecke, Royal United Mint CEO.

“The Royal Dutch Mint and Mauquoy Token Company will mainly continue to produce these products and tools in-house. Above all, the intention is to integrate the expertise and craftsmanship of Tools&Dies into the group and, and secondly to take Tools&Dies to the next level by modern and efficient operational management.”

“We are making this acquisition with a clear future perspective”, says Didier Clerx, CEO of Heylen Group. “We will give Tools&Dies a new lease on life and, among other things, set up supplementary activities. For example, besides the current industries in which Tools&Dies operates, there are also additional opportunities in the minting industry. Gradually we want to let the company expand into a reliable supplier of other mint houses in Europe. However, in due course, only a maximum of 20% of the production of Tools&Dies will specialise in the minting industry.”

The company currently has approximately 20 employees. “By keeping our eye on a clear growth strategy, that number will probably increase in the future”, says Tim Thyssen who, together with the technical operational manager, Guy Vleugels, will manage the company.