Heylen Warehouses welcomes Bleckmann and VTech in Almelo (NL)


On the 24th of May 2018, Heylen Warehouses gave a warm welcome to the launching customer(s) Bleckmann and VTech on the XL Businesspark in Almelo. A big thank you to all guests and visitors for the large interest in this enormous project. With over 180.000m2 of warehouse solutions under construction, T-Port Logistic Campus is sure to become the next logistic hotspot of The Netherlands.

T-Port is a unique campus located on the next logistic hotspot of Europe. The site is situated on XL Businesspark Twente in Almelo. The campus has a barge terminal on site. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Twente Airport, situated at 20 km, is available for business flights. The campus consists of a modern and multi-functional distribution center with a total of 180.000 m² warehouse surface, which can be divided in separate and linkable units of approx. 10.000 to 15.000 m².

To guarantee an efficient handling of all the logistic processes, the warehouse is built with a maximum amount of loading docks per unit. Spread out over the campus there’s plenty of employee parking, comple- tely separate from the lorry traffic. And last but not least: in the region there is still highly motivated labor available. In this area there is a close collaboration between special educational institutions, the government and the business community.

More info: www.tportcampus.com