Our approach

Investment criteria

We invest in ambitious companies worldwide

To blend with the DNA of our group, potential target companies require ambition, enthusiasm and a strong foundation. Before investing, we make an analysis based on seven criteria.


Strong reputation

Our core business is investing in full-grown and independent companies that propound strong figures, a solid market position and a loyal customer portfolio. These qualities enable us to apply a buy-and-build strategy: we buy a strong foundation and we continuously optimise the day-to-day business to grow.


Strong business model

It is very important that we believe in the foundation of the business model. A strong business model starts with a clear insight into the market and its customers. That is why we always aim for companies with a clear vision and market knowledge.


Financial stability

The financial situation of a company is of major importance to us. We don’t invest in start-ups or risk capital, but require target companies to report a minimum of €3m EBITDA/EBIT, proving financial stability and a potential profit margin for our investment.


International mindset

Globalisation is a fact. From Antwerp East we conquer the world. When entering new industries, we first invest on a local scale. After acquiring the right market knowledge, we search for (foreign) companies to strengthen the group’s international ambitions in those industries.


Autonomous management

When on the lookout for companies with a strong management, we always strive for operational autonomy. The intention is to support target companies mainly on a strategic level, with new insights and knowledge. A well-functioning organisational structure is a prerequisite for a potential takeover.


Buy-and-build opportunities

Because of our resolute buy-and-build strategy, we aim for skills and capabilities to increase the profitability of the entire group as a whole by combining forces and creating synergies with existing companies within the group. We create strong business clusters to solidify our international market positions.


Majority shareholder

To control the growing process of the group, we acquire a majority of the shares when taking over a new company. If necessary, it allows us to adjust the business strategy and make fundamental decisions. Nevertheless, the management team stays in charge of all operational processes.


Strategic support

After acquiring a majority of shares, we pledge to take an advisory role by providing new strategic insights and other types of support. At all times we can provide new management resources or employees.

Share and grow

Being part of a group creates a great opportunity to share knowledge and to learn from fellow entrepreneurs. Our goal is to inspire our partner entrepreneurs and to help them to excel in their growth and the companies they manage.

Experience in retail and logistics

With an extensive track-record in retail and logistics, we know how to distribute and sell a product. Our omni-channel capabilities are a fundamental part of a robust retail fulfilment strategy.

Steady growth

We are eager to invest in different kinds of businesses and to search for valuable synergies that result in a steady growing process, even in mature or challenging markets.