Royal Dutch Mint produces euro coins in honour of the Belgian Red Devils



Very first euro coin in honour of the Belgian national soccer team

Heylen Group and the Royal Dutch Munt are proud to announce the very first Red Devils euro coin. It is a real collector’s item that every Red Devils fan and coin collector will be keen to have. The gold-coloured coin is slightly smaller than a 2-euro coin and is legal tender throughout Belgium. A maximum of 500,000 Red Devils coins will be introduced on the market. The coin can be ordered directly on

The new coin is minted in Utrecht by the Royal Dutch Mint (Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt – KNM) and has a nominal value of 2.5 euros. ‘It is official legal tender. So in theory, you could use it as a means of payment anywhere in Belgium, though it is unlikely many people will do so’, says Vincent van Hecke, CEO of KNM. ‘It has been developed first and foremost as a collector’s item for Red Devils fans and coin collectors.’

The commemorative coin is the result of an intensive cooperation between the KNM, the Royal Mint of Belgium (KMB), the KBVB and the Federal Public Service Finance. The industrial holding Heylen Group from Herentals, owner of the KNM in Utrecht since 2016, won a 4 year contract at the start of this year at the KMB for the production of all Belgian circulation and commemorative coins.

‘We are extremely delighted to have the honour of producing the official Red Devils coin together with the KNM’, says Wim Heylen, Executive Chairman of Heylen Group. ‘It is the first innovative product to go into production after the start of our collaboration with the KMB at the beginning of this year. We had been toying with the idea of issuing such a commemorative coin for our Red Devils for some time and we are very pleased that all the parties concerned have put their weight behind it. This bit of national pride is very popular among the Belgian people and we have now eternalised it in a metal coin.’

Symbol for the Red Devils

The obverse shows the logo of the Royal Belgian Football Association (Koninklijke Belgische Voetbalbond – KBVB) and half a football. The Red Devils logo and the words ‘Red Devils’ in four languages complete the coin. The reverse shows all the countries of the European Union, similar to the other commemorative coins of the Belgian Royal Mint.

The coin comes in an attractive card packaging, depicting the team in their new uniform: the front with the red shirts – including Romelu Lukaku, Thomas Vermaelen and Eden Hazard – and the back with the yellow shirts – including Axel Witsel, Youri Tielemans and Vincent Kompany.

Gérard Linard, chairman of the KBVB, is enthusiastic about this wonderful initiative: ‘Our Association is especially proud of the design of these coins portraying the Red Devils. Besides the successful design, these coins symbolise the population’s significant support for these players. I hope they will bring us luck during the 2018 World Championships. Obviously, a good measure of luck is always welcome during such an extended competition. Whether it will be on our side when defending the Belgian colours in Russia is a toss-up, so here’s hoping for the best.’

The coin can be ordered directly on for 10 euros. Orders will kick off at the beginning of June.