About us

We cultivate entrepreneurial spirit to meet our international ambitions

Heylen Group is a Belgian industrial holding that invests in ambitious enterprises and entrepreneurs worldwide. With current activities in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Italy, Heylen Group has gained longstanding experience in a wide range of industries, for example retail, minting, logistics real estate…

The Group has a prodigious ‘hold’ strategy and focuses on long-term sustainable investments through innovation, internationalisation and operational excellence. By implementing a decisive buy-and-build strategy, Heylen Group is eager to combine forces and cultivate entrepreneurial spirit to acquire a key position on international markets.

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Core values

Buy-and-build Buy-and-build
Autonomous growth Autonomous growth
Combined strengths Combined strengths
International mindset International mindset
entrepreneurial spirit Entrepreneurial spirit


We invest, we create, we live our passion. We are entrepreneurs who care for added value on an economic, social and ecological level. Heylen Group has realised numerous projects and businesses with regional development as a result, creating new employment, facilities and services.

Our Foundations

Our growth strategy is based on three solid foundations: the three capitals (3Cs) of Heylen Group.

Human Capital

We believe in strong management, by nurturing entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

Financial Capital

New investments provide established companies with the strength to improve and expand their business.

Strategic Capital

Many years of experience give us the know-how to inspire entrepreneurs on a strategic level.

From Antwerp East to the world

Heylen Group has established roots in Antwerp East (Belgium), but is evolving in an international holding with a very straight-forward mission: to conquer the world with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for business.


Countries & customers

from Antwerp east to the world