Corporate Social Responsibility


Cultivating entrepreneurial spirit

Heylen Group was founded in 2000 with the aim of sharing our passion with other ambitious entrepreneurs. We strive to stimulate their entrepreneurship, use it as a stepping-stone, ensure that they incorporate our core values, and in turn explore and share these values themselves.


Cross-generational entrepreneurship

Even if much has changed in the past deccenia, we still pursue the same goals. Our long-term vision and cross-generational entrepreneurship fit in with our objective: to develop a group of like-minded companies that create a positive impact in the today’s and tomorrow’s world while adding value at a social, economic and ecological level.


The very guarantee for a more sustainable future is entrepreneurship.


We don’t know what is coming, but we do know that we are ready. Because when confronted with new challenges, people will rise to the occasion. People who think outside the box. People who are passionate about coming up with solutions. Who can adapt to changing reality and circumstances. We call these people entrepreneurs. We have been doing business with them, we have inspired them, we are them: We are entrepreneurs.


Farmer sustainable

A sustainable strategy

Sustainable strategy

We are currently working on a sustainable strategy with ambitious goals towards 2030 to reduce our footprint and to multiply our positive impact.