We build better business, to achieve Business Beyond Generations.

Heylen Group’s commitment to sustainability is not just a statement, but a tangible expression of our dedication to creating a more sustainable future.

Heylen Group recognizes the critical importance of sustainability in ensuring long-term business growth and success. That is why we are committed to build better business.

An evolving landscape

Heylen Group’s commitment to sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we recognize and celebrate the progress that our partners have made so far. To build on this momentum, we have established a vision for the future of Heylen Group, which is encapsulated in our Building Better Business initiative. At the heart of this initiative is the 3B Framework, which is designed to align with Heylen Group’s existing 3C strategic framework.

The 3B Framework is built on three key pillars – financial, strategic, and human capital – and provides a comprehensive roadmap for our sustainability efforts going forward. By focusing on these pillars, we aim to continue building a sustainable legacy that benefits our business, our partners, and the planet as a whole.

Building Better Business

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Investing responsibly

Financial Capital

Heylen Group Holding

  • Committing to PRI (Principles for Reponsible Investment)

Heylen Group Companies

  • Applying business ethics
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Acting on climate

Strategic Capital

Heylen Group Holding

  • Acting on carbon intensity & sustainability performance

Heylen Group Companies

  • Working on
    • Climate and circularity
    • Sustainable product & services
    • Sustainable suppliers
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Engaging employees

Human Capital

Heylen Group Holding

  • Developing people engagement

Heylen Group Companies

  • Fostering
    • Inspired employees
    • Connected communities

Sustainability at the core

For each of these capitals, important sustainability topics are selected and relate to sustainable investments, climate action, and employee engagement. We are committed to prioritizing sustainability across our entire portfolio of businesses and industries, with a focus on reducing our own carbon footprint, investing in energy-efficient solutions, and providing sustainable career opportunities for our employees.

In short, Heylen Group firmly believes that sustainability must be at the core of business to remain future-proof and successful.