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We invest. We create.
We live our passion.

We are entrepreneurs.


About us

Heylen Group is a Belgian industrial holding investing in ambitious enterprises and entrepreneurs worldwide to create leading players on international markets.


We focus on long-term sustainable investments through innovation, internationalisation and operational excellence.

To achieve sustainable international growth, we provide entrepreneurial spirit, strong management and financial resources to ambitious companies worldwide.

Current investments


Building Better Business

Heylen Group’s commitment to sustainability is not just a statement, but a tangible expression of our dedication to creating a more sustainable future.

Heylen Group recognizes the critical importance of sustainability in ensuring long- term business growth and success. That is why we are committed to build better business.

Corporate social responsibility


Towards an ambitious climate strategy

In the coming years we will actively work towards climate neutrality by reducing not only our own but also our customers' CO2 footprint, while investing in energy-efficient solutions.


Leaders in the sustainable transition

As entrepreneurs we use our unique position to contribute to a better world. As Heylen Group we can multiply our efforts by combining the strengths of all our partners.

Sustainabile careers as a priority

Heylen Group wants to achieve great things, by offering exceptional and sustainable career opportunities, lifetime learning possibilities and inspiring work environments.