Corporate movie Heylen Group in finale of Golden Award of Montreux

14 May 2020 - #Heylen group

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With the titel “Whatever you dream, together #wemakeitpossible!” Heylen Group and Medialife launched the corporate video of Heylen Group last year. That corporate video recently made it to the top 3 of the best ‘Corporate Image Films 2020’ according to the Golden Awards of Montreux, which presents awards for the most excellent ideas within Advertising, Digital and Events.

Commissioned by Heylen Group, Medialife started working on the development of the group’s corporate film in 2018. ‘We are a family holding with a buy-and-build strategy and we focus on long-term investments. How do we get this explained outside the context of our familiar office environment?’, sounded the assignment. With that message in mind, Medialife travelled with cameraman and drone pilot to various locations in Amsterdam, the Ardennes, Riemst and Hasselt.

The Golden Award of Montreux honours companies and individuals who dedicate themselves to the creation of great advertising, multimedia and events within the cultural environment of television and music festivals. This under the heading ‘communication is part of the all-encompassing world of creativity’. Each corporate film is scrutinised by an international jury of CEOs, filmmakers, Art Directors and creatives from 16 countries around the world. ‘Whatever you dream, together #wemakeitpossible’, as the film is called, reached the top 3 in the category ‘Corporate Image Film’.

Have a look at our corporate movie here.