Vlog Heylen Warehouses: What’s inside a box? Black Friday

27 Nov 2020 - #video

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Black Friday has flown over from the United States and is traditionally the start of Christmas shopping after the Day of Thanksgiving. That Friday most of the employees are free and the stores give high discounts. In Europe, it’s mainly the online stores that join in the fray.

How does Black Friday affect the logistics operations of a warehouse?

Heylen Warehouses was allowed to take a look at Bleckmann in Grobbendonk, where, among other clients, order picking and shipping takes place for the largest e-commerce company in the world, Gymshark. Hundreds of thousands of parcels a day are shipped from the warehouse in Grobbendonk to customers all over the world. To encourage the hard workers to reach the targets, they surprised them with delicious Tony’s Chocolonely bars.